Tech Talk

New terms and variations emerge rapidly. In making these judgments, we have referred to The Associated Press Stylebook as our guide.

Frequently Used E-terms

dial up (verb) log out (verb)
dial-up (adjective) account logout (noun)
email (no hyphen) multimedia (one word, no hyphen)
Internet (capital “I”) Net (capital “N,” no apostrophe)
intranet (lowercase “i”) offline (one word, no hyphen)
log in (verb) online (one word, no hyphen)
login (noun) website (one word, lowercase “w”)


It’s not necessary to include http:// at the beginning of a link. Consider linking a phrase, rather than writing out a URL, however.


Web Words

Although references to the Web itself use a capital W, these Web-based

words use a lower case w.

webcast               A live broadcast on the Web
webmaster       The creator of a site
webzine               Media of the Web and for the Web

Common Acronyms

Acronym Term Acronym Term
CC carbon copy (BCC – blind
carbon copy)
ISP Internet service provider
CD compact disc (plural – CDs)
dpi dots per inch (lower case,
never spelled out)
JPEG joint photographic
experts group
dpi dots per inch (lower case,
never spelled out)
LAN local area network
EPS encapsulated postscript OOP object-oriented
FAQ frequently asked questions RAM random access memory
FPS frames per second ROM read-only memory
FTP file transfer protocol RSI repetitive strain injury
GIF graphic interchange format TCP/IP transmission control
protocol/Internet protocol
GUI graphical user interface
(plural – GUIs)
TIFF tagged image file format
HTML hypertext markup language WAN wide area network
IP Internet protocol